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WC Thanks Redirect

WC Thanks Redirect allows adding redirect URL for WooCommerce Products for your Customers.


== Description ==

This free WooCommerce extension permits you to define Global Thank You page for your Customers based on Success or Failure.

This permits you to make your own Thank you message, particular to your store and to your objective.

After a purchase, your customers will be redirected to the custom Thank You page rather than the default WooCommerce’s Thank You page.

For WC Thanks Redirect version 2, you can set per product redirect urls .

You may track progress of this plugin on github WC Thanks Redirect

== Installation ==

* Upload the directory ‘/wc-thanks-redirect/’ to your WP plugins directory and activate from the Dashboard of the main blog.
* Configure the plugin at Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Products > WC Thanks Redirect.
* Presently you can set Global Custom redirect URLs for your customers based on Success or Failure.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= How Global Redirects work? =
Navigate to Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Products > WC Thanks Redirect
Here you can setup URLs for Global Redirect. If Global Redirect is active per product urls will not work.

= How to set redirects per product ? =
Navigate to Edit your desired product, in General Tab you can set per product redirect.
( Note per product will work only if Global Redirects are inactive )

== Changelog ==

** V 1.0 **
Stable initial release
** V 2.0 **
Plugin updated for per product redirect urls.
** V 2.1 **
Fixed issue with plugin stopped working suddenly.


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